Monday, April 7, 2008

full circle

i kept meaning to change my sub-title on this blog, which has said something about me hating my job even after i got a new job that i liked, after i had the job that i hated when originally making the sub-title. however, laziness or inevitability has come full circle and i now hate my new job, so, thank goodness, i don't have to do anything as strenuous as actually change the sub-title.

let me tell you why. 1) i get paid what i consider to be the minimum living wage to successfully not die in new york. it means i get to do improv and pay to see shows, but that i have to shop at trader joe's and i can NEVER eat out. it also means that the extent of my new clothing budget is whatever t-shirts my sister gets me for xmas and new 30 dollar sneakers when i wear mine out ever 3-4 months. and that's it. no buying DVDs, or signficantly paying off student loans, or going to the movies.

2) i work ALL THE TIME. all day at work, i am doing fucking work. if it's not one project, it's another. most of which aren't really in my job description, but my job description also happens to be 'oh and whatever marketing project your boss decides the FINANCE department should research and prepare'. oh yeah, and enter roughly 32942387932784238 different entries in two different Quickbooks with 3295493784 different rules as to how they are supposed to be entered. and also deal with all the departments who are stupid or hate the finance department. which is all of them. oh and be a full time travel agent for 60+ people.

3) um. that's it. i think that is enough reason to be frustrated by this position. i don't want to be an accountant, or work in finance. or be a damn travel agent, which is the other bullshit 'third' of my job. i want to fucking focus on comedy. if i am going to get paid basically shit, i want to get paid to do it somewhere where i can at least devote my mental faculties to something i am actually interested in during the day, instead of numbers and assholes and idiots. i like my boss a lot, and won't leave until i've been here for a year, but it really wears on me. i don't feel fulfilled.

now i have to go home and clean the apartment and do my laundry and be pissy, because i also suck serious donkey dick at the make em ups, and am just generally having a shit month. i think i should be allowed to punch people who piss me off right in their faces. should be fun!