Wednesday, August 1, 2007

this blog title is now all the more apt.

see? now i HAVE actual ruby sneakers. i had a red pair of the same style, but they are fire engine red and that just wasn't quite right.
one thing i think about a lot (because i am strange) is that it would suck to run out of sneakers in a post-apocalyptic world. wrapping rags around your feet is an entirely unsatisfactory replacement for the cushiony goodness of a great pair of sneakers.
for that reason, and that reason almost exclusively, i stand firm for the status quo. don't rock the boat, people. i mean, i will stand steady because my sauconys have great grip and provide a solid foundation for my feet on whatever surface i happen to be standing... BUT i don't want to disturb any of the economic and social structures that allow me to easily purchase colorful, vaguely retro sneakers, alright?
it is unpleasant to realize that you would sell many of your abstract freedoms for comfortable feet.
this blog took a surprisingly dark turn.

the lorelei! this sunday! who hoo!

the lorelei is this sunday! are you excited! i sure am! i am showing it by eating through the post-del close marathon depression! it's pretty great you guys!


this next installment of the lorelei is pretty phenomenal, i am totally excited about the line up:

John Mulaney: my favorite stand up performer in new york city. easily. this guy is so ridiculously talented it makes my teeth ache. if you haven't seen him perform yet, please come to the show, you owe it to yourself.

Nick Stevens: one of the quickest wits i have ever seen in action, for serious. he hosts the shark show every saturday night with his posse of (mostly) bostonians, has a video blog starring the totally fahking awesome Paul 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and basically does the boston area proud.

Will Hines: i am going to gush for a minute (cause i haven't been already)... will is awesome. one of the funniest people i have ever met in my life. he is an incredibly talented, committed and clever improviser who has been around the UCB scene forever. he also teaches classes and performs with several independent teams in addition to the House Team he is on, 1985. His stand up is smart and witty and bell-achingly funny and i am so excited to have him up.

Emily Epstein: Emily is one of the funniest people i have seen in NYC. she is extremely talented and really knows how to exploit a story or a joke for it's best comedic value. i am extremely envious of her awesome delivery and super-funny brain. she's great, you guys are gonna love her.

Dan Cartwright: This guy has wry indignation down to a science. he is ridiculously funny and really knows how to craft a joke fully. he's also one of the most professional and committed comics i know, and a funny guy to be around. he always puts on a great show, and i am very excited to finally have him on the show!

i hope you guys can make it out, it will be a really fun show. watch me host and wrangle these hyper-talented people as i become progessively tipsier by the end of the night. it's a sight to see, i promise.