Thursday, July 16, 2009

So I took some time off...

I am going back through and trying to catch up on my friend's posts. It's nice to do. I am reminded of how impressive and intelligent and charming most of my friends are, at least in writing.

I am not sure exactly why I have not felt compelled to write anything on this blog for 6 weeks. I have been updating in an incessant and irritating matter on my tumblr site. That link is if you are interested in the videos I find and random musings I provide on a daily, did I mention irritating, basis.

My life since June 1st has been a bit of a roller coaster, although I supposed most times in my life seem remarkable for their up and down emotional / event energy, when in fact, most daily experience is far more average than that. However, I would further qualify that by adding that despite that belief, it has felt both wildly emotional and blessedly calm and sans anxiety.

I had a birthday, some parties, cried a lot, went on vacation, ate a lot, felt gross, felt cute, felt fucking stupid, felt hilariously smart, went swimming, called India and China, procrastinated, felt worthless, had a crush, listened to a lot of music, read a bunch of books, watched a fair amount of TV and also of improv, had the world crush in on itself, danced for no reason, danced FOR a reason, went barefoot, got a light sunburn, and had my wallet stolen.

That is neither a complete nor a chronological account.

Let's see if I keep this up! Now I am off to Kmart!