Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pretty Much Totally Different

In September, I lost my job.

In October, I finally submitted the show I have been hemming and hawwing about finishing, for a spank audition slot at UCB. (I got a date, but it's been moved, so I will update once I know when it will be.)

This week I teched 3 shows, all of which were pretty intense, but I barely fucked up at all. I started a class on Thursday, which was really fun - one of those rare instances were every scene was memorable and fun. It's a 600, and one with a great cast and a great teacher (Kevin Hines), and while it can't possibly be that fun for every class, I am really looking forward to it.

This weekend, at the Creek Fall marathon, I played in 5 improv shows... and I don't know. Nothing really felt right onstage. Not sure why - not really even in a frame of mind to process the shows. I need to be fucking on top of myself about saying yes. Note to self: commitment isn't just the absence of commenting on what's happening onstage .

Today, I finally bought new scents from Bath and Bodyworks, went through the box of possessions my old work sent me, recycled a bunch of stuff, cleaned a fair amount, rearranged some furniture and had a hot chocolate.

Tomorrow, I train for a part time job, start another new class, and tech Whiplash. Nervous about all three.

Bed time. Brain, quit being such a dick, k thnx baaaaai.