Friday, June 27, 2008

blogs i like

i added them. on the side of the page. OOOOH! check em out. i'm pretty bad about updating my own on a regular basis, so know that i am even worse at reading other people's.

and if i forgot your blog, let me know and i will add it. i was typing most of these from memory anyway. these are just the ones i find to be really enjoyable to read, and impart a fun snippet of the person behind them. except for dc's, which is just straight up brilliant.

p.s. i got glasses for the first time about 6 weeks ago. here's a picture! it's weird, i feel like a poseur wearing them, but everyone seems to think i ALWAYS had them and that they suite me. could be worse, i guess.

p.p.s. i got them from a great website called, which a friend of mine recommended to me. SO cheap, the burgundy (of course) pair i posted were like $39 delivered, and the white ones were only $28 delivered. that's for everything too, anti-glare, lenses, frames, etc. what a deal!

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