Wednesday, June 25, 2008

random thoughts from today, 06/25/08

'oh the kitchen light is on. did i leave them on? oh. no. my roommate is back.' >slowly pulls up underwear before walking to the bathroom<

'blowing my nose shouldn't take this much effort.'

'i should write a sketch about film connosseuirs debating the merits of certain films as pinnacles of the genre, and then have them start listing the merits of the more well known genocides and ethnic cleansings were the best of their genre.'
>dibs on that, axford/gardner/oscar<

'i guess i am in that period before a personal performing breakthrough, where nothing makes sense and everything is teh suckness. or have i made it past that without even noticing... no, probably not.'

'hmmmmmmmm should i really ask someone out? no. probably not.'

'oh god chocolate and caramel and pretzels is the best ever omg there's even salt on top HOLY SHIT HOW AM I JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS NOW!?'

'my friends are awesome'

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Dave B said...

I agree. Those pretzles are pretty spectacular.