Wednesday, May 23, 2007

strange people from other floors.

the evil corporation i work for is pretty big; we have several floors in the building, and on many of them, the bathrooms are actually in the stairwells. it is strange. on our floor, the men's room is the only one out there, fortunately (ha ha, men! suck on that!) but it does mean that the bathroom is supposed to be locked. as far as i know, you can't unlock it manually from the inside. nevertheless, several times a day i see d00dz coming out of the stairwell on our floor looking curiously... light and relaxed...

FUCKING PHANTOM SHITTERS. shit on your own floor, PLEASE. criminy.

when i say 'shit on your own floor', clearly i mean to please poop in the bathrooms provided to you by your company, and stop clogging the toilets down here. come on, are you 5 years old?

in other news, yesterday, i had to reformat a resume that someone had written in the third person. like... a biography. or a wikipedia article. i almost choked on the arrogant gall of it.


Anonymous said...

i totally shit on other floors

ruby sneakers said...

i should clarify that i only care because the men's bathroom on our floor keeps getting clogged and the guys don't think to let anyone know for like... 2 days. dumbasses.