Wednesday, May 16, 2007

webcomics that i like.

i have a boring job that i hate. i am overqualified for it, i get absolutely no respect and no advancement prospects. yay! however, instead of doing something proactive about it, i usually just spend my time moaning on the internet and look for new webcomics so i can spend a couple days reading through their archives. these are my favorites:

they are fun. natalie and drew, who write the top three comics listed (and are married, ooooh!), are hilarious and awesome and have great blog and advice archives that waste at least 2/3 more time than webcomics alone. good stuff. feel free to send some other good ones my way! i tend to get in a rut and not try new things.


Mr. List said... <--- comes highly recommended to me and appears to be hilarious. <--- a favorite of Blake and I during the first two years of college.


ruby sneakers said...

awesome, thank you :) questionable content is fun, i usually avoid reading it for two or three weeks and then read it all in a rush because it is better that way.

if only i had known about webcomics in college... i probably would have done even worse :)