Monday, June 18, 2007

be careful in chelsea.

so a friend of mine was attacked near the magnet theatre on west 29th street on friday night. there is an area of construction along the street that forces you to kind of weave along a covered pathway, and two guys jumped down on him when in it while he was on the phone with his father. they started beating him up and stole his messenger bag that had his laptop in it. fortunately, a woman saw him go down, apparently and retrieved his glasses and phone from where they had gone flying. he is alright, physically, although he is pretty bruised up. it is fucking scary. i walk around that area late at night, by myself, several times a week. basically, just be careful in the area. i hope this isn't part of a larger trend.

also, yesterday, another friend of mine was walking by the projects on 8th avenue and 23rd/24th streets with a friend of his and had a glass bottle thrown at him from one of the buildings. it came very close to hitting him in the head and the glass went up in his friend's leg. he suspects it was because he and his black, female friend looked like a mixed-race couple walking together.

seriously, north chelsea/midtown south/west area? fucking cut it out.

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