Friday, June 8, 2007

i am not always angry.

this blog might give the wrong impression. it might make you think that i am some rage-aholic bitch who finds no pleasure in the world, or in people, or even in the simple things in life. while being disturbingly accurate at a superficial level, i am, in fact, a very happy, polite person most of the time. however, i have never been one for 'restraint', and when i get mad, i am MAD. and since i no longer live with my family and can't take out that rage by screaming at them for mostly no reason, i tend to get more mad about stupid shit, like people rubbing me on the street, or the people at the law and order franchise building (it must have a building now, right?) fucking up what used to be my favorite show.

so... just so you know, i love kittens that are adorable, especially ones that make silly faces and misspell words, and explain their actions in a 'im in ur >BLANK<, >BLANKING< up ur stuff format. i love music a lot, although i don't go to (can't afford) as many concerts as i used to. the office makes me melt inside, and i like making babies smile in a not-creepy way. do you believe that i am not a horrible rage monster now? i hope so, 'cause here is some shit that pissed me off this week.

1) going to a bar to meet people, and then those people don't show up. i hate that so much. especially when you end the evening eating a damn hamburger in the middle of a bar at an empty table. i win the pathetic contest for the week, yay! i am in a fight with... something mysterious and subtle to indicate to you who those people who stood me up were.

2) having two russian wannabe models pile into a tiny one stall bathroom with you and chatter at 2189031898 wpm at 92384983 decibels until your bladder contracts in hatred you attempt to storm out of the bathroom, but can't because the bathroom is too small and one of them is standing on your purse.

3) having your improv classes postponed two months in a row, and being polite to interns on the phone ANYWAY because you are a 'nice person'. and a pushover.

4) the rain. oh, it sucks. oh, and companies that leave their air conditioning on SUPER ARTIC BLAST HIGH even though it is 50 degrees outside since all that bullshit rain brought cooler weather.

okay, that's it. FOR NOW. remember, i am a happy, sweet person.

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