Monday, June 11, 2007

i will soon be twenty-four years old

so i will ennumerate some things i should stop doing because 24 is 100% in adult territory.

1) i should stop putting off projects for several months, or, in some cases, years. i have had a bag of clothing that i intended to bring to a donation place last june or early july. awesome. since that bag of neglected, ill-fitting clothing was collected, i have decided to be a comedian, and started my own show and... well, that is it. but that is a long time to leave a plastic bag in your living room.

2) stop going to bed preposterously late. i don't mean those nights i am actually out until 4 am hanging out with people, because that is fun and i need to do that more, but just those nights that i know i need to be in bed by 10 because i have to be up at 5:45 in the morning, and i still end up getting in bed at midnight.

3) spending money like... i have money.

4) not getting a new job because the one i have is complete nonsense. see #3 as well.

5) do more stuff. reading in caf├ęs while enjoying a lovely iced latte is amazing, but i probably don't need to update my myspace profile twice in a weekend, or get into unbelievably stupid arguments with people on messageboards. or see that episode of law and order CI where that guy who they originally thought was just a witness actually turns out to be the killer for the 10893rd time.

there is more, but it is mostly dumb. birthday plans are in the making, email me or leave a comment with your contact info if you are interested in hanging out wif us :) it will be totally dumb and silly, i am sure. i will refuse to drink anything but one wild turkey and coke, and will probably make fun of a tough-looking biker, or someone who was having a bad day already and then they will pout and cry. good times.

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Brett said...

If 24 is an adult, then I have ONE MORE YEAR to party. Gulp!