Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GAH! it happened again!

i am a terribly inconsistent blogger. sorry internets :(

quick highlights of my last couple weeks:

improv is going very well, for now. i am really enjoying my scenes and what i am learning and i feel energized and excited by it. improv is definitely a rollercoaster, and right now i am at a part where there is nothing too scary, just fun and exciting. it's pretty exhiliarating, but i know it won't always be this awesome. damn, that sounds pretty negative, huh? sorry, i will stop it. time to live in the moment!

this past weekend was my first Del Close Marathon at UCB. it was intense, but went so much more smoothly and more fun than i could have possibly expected. i took two workshops with mark sutton from the annoyance theatre in addition to working an 8 hour shift as a volunteer and watching ~26 hours of various kinds of improvised theatre. it was great. i over-prepared like whoa, got about 8 hours of sleep from friday to sunday and had an absolute blast. also saw lisa loeb and met ed helms (again), who is awesome.

my roommate, chris, is getting ready to leave for grad school in chicago. my new roommate tay is preparing to make the trek from kansas to nyc. it's exciting but disconcerting at the same time. i have been increasingly busy for the past 8 or 9 months and chris and i haven't seen too much of each other, but it will definitely be strange not living with someone i have known for 6+ years and generally get along with very well. CHAAAANGES! tay is totally great though, i think we are going to have weekly nerdgasms about the dark tower and various tv shows.

got ready for the august installment of the lorelei. the line up is fucking balls-out awesome. i am totally psyched. more on that later. I PROMISE.

hey did you know that some peacocks are vampires? no, no one did, until this man saved us all from our ignorance. by violently beating and kicking a glorified goose, pretty much to death. thanks, asshole. beating up foppish birds totally makes you more of a man. jackass. http://www.cbc.ca/cp/Oddities/070701/K070102AU.html

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