Thursday, July 12, 2007


awesome. i can now enter a title on my blog entries. my computer and blogspot are clearly conspiring to convince me that i have gone psychotic, but very slowly over a long period of time. but that would be my own fault for letting a silly little thing like not being able to aptly (possibly cleverly) title a blog entry cause my precarious mental balance to slip and crash into the sea of insanity. good thing it doesn't bother me in the slightest! >too wide grin/darting eyes/white knuckle grip on the mouse<

anyway, i did have something to blog about. i wanted to blog about my general lack of facial accessories. and yes, that is the punchline to an excellent mitch hedberg joke. i always feel surrounded by people who get to wear totally awesome and trendy and sexy glasses. last night i decided to rectify that by putting on the total of my companions' three pairs of glasses at the same time in a poor impersonation of my art professor from college. it was pretty dumb. then i decided to explain what mung was to the table. i am pretty sure i was using hand motions and doing my impression of jumping off of a gravestone. also, i am pretty sure i used the word fermented more than once. later i was pretending i had a mustache by holding a lock of hair over my top lip to simulate what a luxuorious golden 'stache would look like on my tiny imp-face.

that i am saying is this:
sometimes alcohol reveals a person's true personality.
and sometimes it makes them act silly and incredibly inappropriate... while revealing their person's true personality.

i promise to write something worthy later, and possibly review all the kick-ass shows i went to this week.

(so i don't forget: tuesday: harold night, wednesday: 7 fights with decoster and hines & invite them up with patton oswalt, thursday: an open mic & cagematch, friday: now that's what i call rogue elephant! & rogue elephant host a night of improv)

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