Saturday, July 7, 2007


  • today i woke up.
  • then i hopped on the internet and posted on a messageboard. in the star trek discussion thread.
  • then i went to a cafe and read a great novel that was written as if the wonders of space travel were accesible in the age of victorian england.
  • after that, i walked to a bookstore and bought two young adult fantasy novels that were on sale, to keep the two i had in my bag already company.
  • then i walked to forbidden planet, braving the BO of and lecherous stares of it's clientele, in order to purchase the next two volumes in stephen king's magnum opus of fantasy fiction series, the dark tower.
  • feeling the need to bloster my base caffeine levels, i went to starbucks (again) and got into a discusion about said series with a barista.
  • on my way home, i decided to blog about my day for all the internets to partake of.

i am a nerd of gargantuan proportions.

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