Friday, January 18, 2008

lazy friday

i am trying hard to focus today. however, it's been a very long week. i started feeling absolutely awful about halfway through monday, and then proceeded to get yet ANOTHER cold. that's at least three this winter, wtf. i haven't slept well all week as a result, and have been very very tired the rest of the time. wednesday night i ate something my body hated and so i felt awful all day thursday. additionally, it's been a very busy, stressful week at work. i have a lot of work on my end, and my boss kept giving more projects and riding my ass about them because she was ALSO incredibly stressed. not a fun combination. yesterday was the worst, a real perfect storm of having a very achy cold, my stomach being in knots all day and not really having time to recharge. i didn't even get to go out and buy lunch to treat myself because she asked me to sit in the office and wait for her boss to come down to a meeting... and guess what she never came down. blah.

but today is much better! the boss is out of the office, i have had very little to do so far, and have little motivation to finish the one small project on my plate for this afternoon. i also got a croissant and iced caramel macchiato this morning, so that helps too. as does listening to my ipod.

it's been a good improv week though. harold night was fun, if one of the lowest energy crowds i have ever seen there. it was bizarre. bastian really pulled out an awesome show, it was a lot of fun. i have really enjoyed watching them gel over the past year, they are a really smart and supportive team. fwand had a great show too. chelsea had probably the moment of the whole night with her 'but daddy, the merpeople are good!' line. so perfect.

on wednesday, bad data found out that we have been tentatively scheduled for cagematch 2008. right now our date is in may, so we have time to really fucking work on some shit and get better as a team. i am really excited to perform at UCB with my team. i have been fortunate enough to have performed in front of big audiences at that historic basement of gristedes a bunch (for a n00b), but it will be REALLY cool to do it wif ma teammates. i have performed on that stage with jess and brett in class shows i guess, but not since like last march or some shit. but yeah, i will blog the shit out of that when the time comes, don't you worry.

last night was the cagematch 2007 (not 2008, captain) finals and c, c, + c improv factory won! they really fucking rock that monoscene shit, yo. reuben williams put on an amazing show as well though. i really love that team an embarrassing amount. joe's mimed threatening of anthony had me in tears. the place was PACKED, despite it being miserable and wet out, i almost didn't get in. fortunately i huddled in with the a huge pack of thank you, robots, stamp and coin clubbers, fat penguins and bad data and we got decent seats, even though i got pretty soaked.

this weekend should be fun; hitting up the under st. mark's show at 10:30, then maybe going out if people are up for it. saturday night is sherpa's anniversary show, which i am missing :( mark mcadam, musician and awesome guy extraordinaire, is doing a coney island swandive set at the parkside, so i will be there for that to rock my shit out. it will be hot. then i will be heading up to hop devil or where ever the fuck chris 'hobbes' d'ambroso has been dragged for his birthday. should be a fun time, i hope it's not too cold. and i get monday off! awesome!

<3 katey

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