Monday, November 3, 2008


i think i am too drained to properly do nanowrimo this year. that is totally a cop out and i have no excuse except that i feel creatively drained. i think i am going to instead challenge myself to write a whole 15 minute stand up act every day throughout november. i know i can do it, i've done it before. i am going to try to get up at some shows i haven't reached out to in a while either. i haven't decided whether i will put any of it up here. i'm always kind of torn about putting crafted material up online. it's a stupid fear, probably, and half the time i just don't think of it. and crafting a joke in 'print' takes slightly more effort than just dumping reguritiations of my feelings and excessive vitriol from my current life into blog form.

hmm... i've gotten to a place mentally where i feel like i need negativity to define me. that's profoundly unhealthy. i'm going to work on being a lot more positive.

thanks, reflective moments on the internet! thanks!

um, life (aka improv) update:
my 3 person team, castlemania! was randomly selected to be in the 3 on 3 cagematch tournament this year! right now we are scheduled on 11/20, right after powerhouse team derrick. it would mean a lot to the three of us (myself, nicole drespel and bridget fitzgerald) if you were to come that thursday at 11 and vote for us to advance to the semi-finals. also my current class, In a World... starts its run on 11/11 at 11 pm. you should come see the shows, they will be entertaining and worth your time investment.


benzado said...

I think NaNoWriMo is for people who don't do anything creative the other 11 months of the year. Don't feel bad. I always fail at it for the same reason, but I don't feel as bad as someone who fails because the stuff on TV is just so damn good.

Jason said...

Queen of Sharks has had a sudden opening in the CHOMPetition. We're looking for a team brave enough to face Thank You, Robot this Saturday 11/22 at 7pm. Is Castlemania up to the challenge? Please email me at my gMail account (I think it should show up so the bot-trolls don't get it.) if you want to enter our indie improv tournament.

Anonymous said...

okay it didn't's tynezimmerman at gmail dot com