Friday, November 21, 2008

this is going to be a braggy post


this was a pretty fucking awesome improv week for me. first, on tuesday, robin williams showed up and sat in with bangs for their harold, which was one of those transcendent, amazing, unbelievably cool new york - comedy moments. i think most of the theatre bonded over how excited we were to be there and seeing that. and seeing bangs come together like a harold machine and perform an incredibly committed, super fun and really professional show made me so proud of all of them. it was a fucking blast to watch. this sounds really pathetic, but the experience really did renew a lot of my excitement and joy about improv. the line between caring too much and being too jaded and no longer being invested is a tough one too navigate, and this helped, in no small part. and besides, who among the current generations of young comedians wasn't totally OBSESSED with robin williams from the age of 7 to 14? at least? it's huge and humbling just for that reason alone.

then i hosted a segment of harold night for the first time ever (it didn't really go over, but we didn't bail on the bit so i don't feel too bad about it) and my 600 class had our second show; and we had a pretty decent audience too. some people in a 101 stayed for it, which is SO cool. i think kate spencer told them they should see us, which was totally awesome. my team went second, which i actually prefer. i often get overly nervous going first in any 2 halves, class show setting, and those nerves turn into weirdly frenetic energy onstage. and despite starting our show at like 11:35 PM on a weeknight, it was a REALLY fun show! the slight changes we made to the form really helped kick start our brains back into playing game, and our team was so fucking fun and supportive. we like couldn't stop laughing while we were warming up.

there was definitely stuff we could have done better, but every time we got a little crazy or outta control, we brought it back under control and calmed down and moved forward. i had a great time. and for the first time in a while, i had a 'fuzzy brain' moment; what i call when i feel super focused on finding that right, next supportive move and it was awesome. i've had them before (my last 401 class show and the dr. seuss / edgar allan poe bad data show), but not in awhile.

for me, even if there was a lot that could be improved in a show, if i get a great fuzzy brain move in, i feel like i've just nailed it. and it's an awesome feeling. and to feel like i nailed it, performing on the same stage on the same night as mrs. doubtfire? well, that's just double brag points, now isn't it? i am looking forward to continuing to really get the form as shannon sees it in our next two shows, and i highly encourage you all to come see us try!

my final awesome improv thing of week is that my 3 person team, castlemania!, made it through the quarter finals of the 3 on 3 tournament last night! we squeaked by on the say-so of a SINGLE vote, which is unequivocally awesome. we made it! we had a pretty solid show, i think. the sets during the first round of the tournament are only SEVEN minutes long, which is really quick. but it was fun, definitely. my dad and sister are going to get to see me do long form improv at the UCB theatre! that is so cool. and my team is... awesome. and i know for a fact that the more we play together the awesomer we are going to be. like, for reals. i think we will be profoundly good. castlemania! fuck yes!

and we came out to the jurassic park theme music. john williams ftw.

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Dave B said...

I love our team (and the class) so much! Tuesday's show was awesome!

And congrats on advancing in three on three, once again. You guys were great.