Saturday, November 1, 2008


more of my nerdy improv friends need to watch house. it is a decent show em effers.

fortunately there is little to no photographic evidence of my escapades as dr. gregory house, because i'd working crew for killgore for basically a week straight and i looked like shit and possibly smelled as well. AND i managed to lose my whole damn make up bag at somepoint in the evening so i couldn't even give myself a 5 o'clock shadow.

in conclusion: there is basically nothing funnier than jim santangeli throwing a stack of dominoes pizza boxes in the air an shouting 'DUSTY!'.

now i am about to get ready to go out for a second evening of halloween fun, this time as legolas greenleaf, even though i said i'd stop being legolas all the time.

p.s. rebuying all my make up is going to SUCK. fuck.
OH SHIT. next year i am being the fifth element for halloween. badass. maybe i will even learn the divine language!


Adam Hobson said...

The thing about House is that I didn't realize how many damn ways the human body can attack itself.

Also, the new team is boring outside of Kutner. I liked the hole game from last year to whittle the team down from 40, but Taub was always boring, and 13 used to be interesting but is far from it now, girl on girl action aside. Thankfully Wilson is back.

nicole m therese said...

Crap. This nerdy friend never got you a cane. Dammit.

BB said...