Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ruby sneakers? more like... zomby sneakers!

truth. i had to get new sneakers again, and there were NONE of my preferred cordovan rose sauconys anywhere in the whole of manhattan. at least, there were none at shoemania, where certain saucony styles were on sale for 30 dollars. you can still find my favorite sneakers available for sale there for 49 dollars, but i am trying to be thrifty so i bought a different, new and scary color.

my new 'kicks' are black, grey and a sort of aquamarine, greeny-blue. like my eyes, or my first car that wasn't the shitty 1990 surburban that i am not counting because it sucked so hard. they are cool, actually. they do look like zombie sneakers though. definitely the color of reanimated rotting flesh, if rotting flesh were to be stylized and made into a pair of modest, yet comfortable fashion sneakers.

i miss my ruby sneakers though. here is a partial list why:

1) they were pretty, in and of themselves.
2) they made me feel more dressed up and fun.
3) they were reminiscent of both the wizard of oz, which i was obessed with when i was very young, and the dark tower, which is bad ass.
4) every once in a while, people would see them and ask me if i was from the internet. while a little weird, it's a good way to meet people, especially when one is struck with the oxymoronic personality traits of hyper sociability and extreme social avoidance... that i am... struck with? BAD SENTENCE.
5) they had red soles so i could look bad ass when walking away from someone.
6) they matched my purse.

501... was awesome last night. really fucking intense, but so good. i had to do one scene like 3 or 4 times, and by the end i wasn't flipping out or hating it or all up in my head--I WANTED TO TRY IT AGAIN. what? that's crazy talk, you're saying. but it's true. really phenomenal class, we have so much work to do as a class, i am actually pumped for it. i caught the last 3 harolds of harold night, but i was not as focused on it as i would have liked (hungry, mostly), but i refreshed for cinnabonanza, which was a lot of fun. then i made myself go to the bar and push flyers for bad data's big show/party that is this weekend. and i had a blast, fun and exhausting night.


Johnny McNulty said...

are you sure people asked you if you were from the internet because of your shoes?

Johnny McNulty said...

j-kizzle, of course

ruby sneakers said...

actually, yes. at least 5 or 6 people came up to me at shows and asked if i was me based solely on the shoes.

and because i was composed of alternating '1' and '0'.

Michelle said...

century 21 has a fabulous discounted sneaker department. seriously!