Wednesday, February 20, 2008


CUT IT OUT. SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE HELL. it was 62 degrees on monday. sixty two. i didn't need a coat (although i wore one anyways because i was being cautious). it was LOVELY.

yesterday, TUESDAY, a mere 14ish hours after it was SIXTY TWO degrees and mostly sunny out, it was about 35 out. okay, fine, be a capricious ass, fine... but by the time i scurried to class, and then from class to the UCB theatre to catch the 2nd half of harold night after getting thoroughly cheesed (good phrase) in class, weather, you had taken a turn for the MISERABLE. it was like 22 degrees and extremely windy out. to the extent that the seam of my jeans was actually chaffing my legs in a distinctly painful manner and i was shivering uncontrollably, even though i was appropriately attired and moving quickly.

and i lost my damn hat last week, weather! i'm trying to be frugal! i got that POS hat from h&m in new hartford, NY my junior year of college! i don't want to have to buy another shitty hat to cover my pathetically oversized ears! what the freak?!?

boo weather. way to be a huge fucking dick about it. you can go funk yourself, i refuse to address you until it's 58 degrees and sunny out, or may.

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