Tuesday, October 28, 2008

denmark, blood, tragedy (nHamletC)

they have giant m&ms with mint centers, like a junior mint.

they also have savory hard candies that i have to spit out after 15-20 seconds because hand candy that isn't sweet is fucking WEIRD.

the best danish candy i've eaten is a little rectangular sugar baby type thing; it's a little less chewy and sweet than your average american sugar baby, and i've eaten like 30 since yesterday.

denmark is crazy.

additionally, this week is totally insane for me; this past weekend i worked from 9-12:30 working tech and setting up the theatre for killgore, the messiest horror comedy show in the universe. last night we had tech from 11:30 pm until (fuck me) 3:30 am. i got home at quarter past 4. fortunately i made myself take a nap after work so i am not dead right now, but it's still not fun. we have the full dress rehearsal tonight, WITH fake blood (all rehearsals have been with water up until now). it's gonna be disgusting. everyone better come to this show and LOVE IT to make it up to my poor brain. the shows are wednesday, thursday and friday nights, and there's three shows each night.

this means i probably won't be dressed up or hanging out for halloween. i am bummed about that, but i can't see myself doing anything except going home and scrubbing fake blood out of my ears friday night. we'll see.


Michelle said...

I did costumes/stage for Killgore years ago. There is still dried fake blood in my jeans.

NESTOR said...

Hello from Spain katey!!

I'm pretty sure you are going to enjoy Halloween nigth although you're exhausted.

I been in New york last year for Halloween night and i can't imagine something more fun to do in a froozen nigth jejeje

So please, get out and enjoy so much, thinking in people like me , who can't enjoy this amazing experience in New york.ok?

Best Whishes

PD:excuse me for my english