Friday, April 3, 2009

i tried to take today off

but instead i got roped into coming in so i could help a co-worker set up an off-site meeting. which means in about 10 minutes i am going to be driving for the first time in about... a year maybe? a van. through mid-town. in the rain!

ah what!? i am such an idiot. an idiot laughing at herself but a dumb head nonetheless. i don't mind driving, i have driven in manhattan before, and i used to drive a 70's style jacked up suburban in HS. it will be fine. i just can't believe how weird today is turning out. one of the guys i work for fucked up his travel and apparently it's MY fault and he is angrier than a wet cat in a small bag because he had to pay 185 euros that he is going to get reimbursed FOR FUCKING UP. he just astonishes me sometimes. one of the other people i work for came by my desk at 12:20 and asked me to print up a 'few things' for her meeting at 1. a few things turned out to be 39 files, ranging from PDFs to documents to excel files to the dreaded power point files (save as PDFs, the assholes always crash my computer). it took me 45 minutes of doing nothing but that. madness. i need a massage to get this neck tenseness out now.

it's also raining and i straightened my hair this morning so fuck that.


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