Friday, April 3, 2009

re: harold auditions and stuff

this is to my new york improv friends.

older friends who auditioned last year: i love you all. we have gotten SO FUCKING GOOD over this last year especially. we all work really hard, and we have SO MUCH FUN. so whatever happens on sunday, please know that I am proud of you. no matter what, we are going to keep doing this and having fun and making the new york comedy scene sparkle with our talent and passion for this art.

new friends who are improv babies even to me, an improv baby: sunday and tuesday and wednesday will suck for most of us. try not to let it get you too down. it will be fun again, the sun will come out, and remember it's your first audition and you never have to audition for the first time ever again. focus on having fun and getting better.

to everyone: if you get a call back / on a team / fall in love and get married in a whirlwind, 48 hour affair, i am happy for you. so incredibly happy. but i might not be able to show it properly it through all the sadness for my own lame-o self. so i apologize in advance if i can't show it. i love you guys, i am excited to audition and have fun, and i am excited for the eventual return to normalcy.

<3 xo

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