Friday, April 3, 2009

oh man we almost lost the lap top

i just drove around midtown in a van with no windows for almost 2 hours! it was crazy! fortunately i didn't forget how to drive, but it's been at least 7 years since i have driven anything that big. but we figured out how to get over there with a minimum of fuss - as a strict pedestrian, i mostly do not remember which way streets run except by picturing them in my mind and trying to remember which way whoever tried to murder me in a cross walk was going. fortunately the traffic was relatively light.

however, as we were loading stuff out of the van onto the cart we brought (RAIN! DAMN YOU STOP FUCKING UP MY HAIR!), the lap top, the single most expensive and important part of this damn meeting, FELL OFF AND WE DIDN'T NOTICE.

let me say that again.

a company lap top (that's probably worth $300 but they would charge us $1500 for losing) fell off the cart and was somewhere on 37th street.


i immediately sprinted out of the bar and back to street, running down the block while trying to do so carefully and scan the sidewalk. i searched the van again, in case we had left it. no luck. as i am walking back, about to call my coworker and lament our fate of owing the company money for doing a bunch of extra work for no extra pay, i spotted it! the fucking lap! it had been wedged behind one of those fire hydrant water suppliers.

and it still worked. internet. it's been a fucking day. i think i am going to skedaddle early so i don't explode or have someone try to rope me into driving a tugboat up the hudson for our company retreat.

<3 xo again.

p.s. apparently snow patrol co-owns that bar. good to know.

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