Wednesday, March 18, 2009

don't panic

it's beautiful outside. utterly gorgeous. i wish i was at home so i could throw some windows open.

last night was preposterous amounts of fun. had a great last class with christina gausas' 2 person scenes class. such a great group of people, and despite being skilled, funny people before the class, we all bonded and ALL became... MUCH MUCH MUCH better improvisors. it was an astonishing transformation from everyone. i will post some more specific stuff i learned tonight, but i have finally gotten the impetus to have a permanent attitude adjustment, i think. towards positivity, and fostering that amongst my friends and peers. SUPPORT IN EVERYTHING!

after class got out, i made a short detour to drop off my maude actor submission thingy, and then to a liquor store for some fancy jim beam whiskey, gristedes for a fancy bottle of coke, and then to wait in line to see if we'd be let into o'harold night (no). however, i dealt with it by getting pleasantly drunk and fucking around with friends in line. then the show ended about a half hour before anyone expected and various people were poured out of the theatre (hope everyone is okay today, hugs all) and we were eventually told to bugger off since the mono y mono show had been post-poned. then we attemtped to scale mount mcmanus-on-st. patricks day but rapidly thought better of it and headed to the ever-so-lovely flight 151 and whiled away a few hours with equally lovely company. all in all, a most successful evening.

didn't sleep much, but work started fine. some focusing issues, but mostly good. however, in the afternoon, harold team auditions were announced. heart immediately began thumping in my chest, trying to escape maybe. ugh. i am going to try to chronicle my experiences this year, since i tend to gloss over a lot of what is really going on in my life in this blog, in the interests of some weird notion of privacy, or fear, or whatever. silly things. i want a record for my own purposes! anyway, that's happening soon. should be interesting. before that mind-fucking madness, i have several awesome shows this weekend to look forward too, an awesome party next weekend AND a potential little-sister visit AT THE SAME TIME, and general awesomeness spread equitably therein.

it's really, finally spring time. and i love it.

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