Monday, March 16, 2009

monday? really?

god fuck monday. this is miserable. i found it basically impossible to wake up this morning. sucked.

--caffeine+calories injection--

okay, i am making some progress on the stack of expenses i have to process today. and accidentally spending twice as much time on my hair this morning seems to actually have helped, since i my hair looks decent. i just need to accept that the length is terrible for curls right now and i need to plan on blowing it out. and that i need a flat brush because the round brush i have is infuriating. i also actually put make up on as well, let's see if this works to trick my self confidence into kick-starting. like pushing a standard transmission car until it gets to 35 miles an hour. same dif!

we have a 2 hour long company wide meeting starting at 3:30 today. i hope i shouldn't be nervous about it anything. boo economy!

i hope this week is 75% more awesome than last week.

time for $1.90 pepperoni pizza special! boo yeah!

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