Friday, March 27, 2009

an update made of nerves and adrenaline, fashioned on a skeleton of confidence.

signed up for a harold audition slot, and again a slew of awesome people picked the same slot after me so i have a great group to go in there with. i am really excited to grab dinner and chill with them beforehand, and then get all warmed up and head into the audition room. we are 9:10 friday evening, and the group consists of myself, dave beezy bluvband, matt little, steven slate, drew nelson, sarah claspell, adam bozarth and jeremy bent! what a group! fun. looking 'forward' to that. i am actually looking forward to playing with them, not at all looking forward to the 3~ weeks after 9:30 friday night, which will suck to varying degrees no matter what.

in conclusion, a list of things i am potentially obsessing about:
(i.e. i could be obsessing but am not necessarily actively obsessing)

harold audition
general harold night changes unrelated to my own position therein(/out?) (oh no change!)
my maude audition
new roommate (oh no change!)
sister visiting (oh no, other person in my space / grill!)
a party in brooklyn (out of comfort zone)
the chrononauts
the show i am trying to finish writing and submit
what i am going to do about the lorelei
will hines 600
my laundry
returning some clothes
wearing a dress
work stuff (expense reports oh no!)

that might be it.

<3 u, internet.

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