Monday, February 2, 2009

desperate for a roommate

hi internets.  i need a roommate.  i have extended information down every pathway i can think of; does anyone have any suggestions of things i can try?  i am kind of totally freaking out at this point.  i feel ready to blame the economy because i've gotten a fair amount of initial interest, and then basically no follow up interest.  of the dozen plus people i have talked to who are seriously looking for a place, only ONE has come to look at it.  
halp internets.  you're my only hope.


Adam Hobson said...

I'm assuming that you've tried craigslist, right? However, have you tried to vary up the ad a little? Have someone else look it over to see if it "sells".

That's all I got at the moment.

ruby sneakers said...

yeah, like 5 times. good advice though adam. i'm going to put another one up now. booooo this sucks!