Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the time capsule, tonight at 11pm

i have a show tonight at the UCB theatre at 11 pm. 11 pm on a tuesday, you say? that’s nuts! well it may be nuts, but it will also be an awesome, super fun show so i invite you to snub your nose at the sleeping gods and come out and see comedy instead.
the show is called the time capsule, has a bangarang cast of improvisors, ready to perfom everything that happened in ANY YEAR IN HISTORY! here’s a taste from last night’s rehearsal:

in the year 1000, the world’s biggest heartthrob, beowulf, had sex with grendel’s mother.

in the year 1820, indicative of a larger issue of sexual assault against the hobo community, a train conductor raped daniel boone.

if you are at harold night already, you can stay and watch the show for free! otherwise, tickets are $5. make a reservation here!

directed by the incredibly wonderful joe wengert. be there!

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