Friday, February 13, 2009

starbucks guy... this has gotta stop

i go to the same starbucks every morning. 90% of the time it is awesome. 10% of the time, this one guy makes my drink... and he thinks he knows my drink. BUT HE DOESN'T. i don't know what to do; i've corrected him several times when he has been like 'your drink is 6 pumps of vanilla and two shots, skim milk, right?' and i am like 'uh, no, it's this' but all this has done is convince him that he NOW knows my drink, which he doesn't, but now he doesn't ask... so... i don't know how to rectify this situation in a socially acceptable way. i... i don't know. i've started just trying to drink the one he fucks up, then just going out and re-buying my drink at another starbucks.

that's the cowardly, expensive way.


Six Sider said...

Go in and say, "Actually, I'm getting something new today." And then order exactly what you normally order.

And then just do that everytime he pre-makes a drink for you.

nicole m therese said...

I want to point out that I just gave the exact same advice via gchat without seeing this comment.

benzado said...

I was thinking to post the same advice before scrolling down far enough to read it.