Monday, February 23, 2009

a LEGO a day


this blog is a really cool idea, executed beautifully by a guy i know from THE INTERNET. be impressed, everyone. check it out, a lot of the ideas are fun, all are wildly creative and many are hilarious. i've linked him in my blogroll to your right, which started as a way to remind myself of what blogs to read, but has evolved into mostly being handy to other people.

well done, sir 'i won't embarrass by calling you your messageboard handle in my blog post'! his blog makes me miss legos, and also retroactively jealous of my cousin nick, whose parents bought him every cool effing set, and angry at my dad, who INSISTED that i could make whatever i wanted out of the base lego set. so. annoying. no, dad, you cannot make a helicopter out of a handful of primary-colored legos and one of those flat grass pieces.

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Morbo said...

Morbo is pleased, but sticky!