Monday, February 23, 2009

i want this for one day

here is a thing i want to have happen:

for ONE day, no one is a dick about anything to anyone.

don’t deliberately misinterpret something to be ‘funny’. don’t try to insidiously get into someone’s head to make them talk to you. don’t give backhanded compliments. don’t make snide comments. don’t make fun of anyone, even if it is your friend and it is silly or ostensibly a joke. don’t mock.

be kind. be genuine. listen. have fun. laugh genuinely. don’t just think of something funny to say next. be ever so slightly less clever. watch someone and see something they want you to see; compliment them on it. just smile.

that’s all.

sorry for the cross blogging, i try to avoid it but this is important.

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Johnny McNulty said...

Hey great job in the Time Capsule, Katey! You were great, as was the show. Looking forward to the Lorelei.