Monday, February 16, 2009

my sisters

inspired by nicole.

i talk to alexis pretty often; more if there is a family thing we need to discuss. or... if i am having a personal problem i can't talk about with other friends without feeling judged. in other words, when i need someone to bitch to about people being mean or stupid, i call alexis. when i need someone to look up who played the monsignor in sister act when i can't because i am walking around without a computer and can't possibly wait a couple hours until i am home and can check for myself, i call alexis. when i take a pretty picture using my phone, i send it to my sister.

they last time i texted my other sister, suzi, she called me back the next day from someone else's phone because she thought my text was spam. because she hadn't put my phone number in her phone.


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