Tuesday, July 8, 2008


is terrible. i am just moving at work, not out of my sweet east harlem palace, but it's still terrible. they were on my ass all day yesterday to get moved out for this morning. SO 10:20 comes around today, and i am all moved out, except for one folder and my computer (because my brief stint in corporate america has taught me that you hold on to the internet until the last possible second). everything else is balanced precariously on a shelf next to my soon-to-be (shudder) cubicle, or in a cart next to said cubicle. BUT, not as you might think, IN this particular cubicle. no. because there are 3 people ahead of me who were supposed to move out of their cubicles into different cubicles by this morning, and who have NOT because they are awful. so i persist in being stuck in this limbo between my gorgeous office overlooking 57th street, with a decent view of the sky and interesting windows to spy on people through, and a shitty cubicle with no sound privacy right next to a damn fax machine AND 3 printers. grumblecakes.

also, my speakers are packed up so i can't even listen to music while fucking around on the internet.

if you came out to my show, the lorelei, on sunday, thanks so much! it was a really fun time, and totally packed, which is always awesome. i ended up writing some stand up jokes at like 6:30 that night, to perform that night, since my original hosting bit fell through. i think most of the material went over pretty well. email me if you have any specific thoughts on ma jokes.

the three improv teams were great too! i kind of wish i hadn't gotten a second whiskey and coke, since i was totally too tipsy by the end of the night. good thing i wasn't also responsible for blacking out any of the shows. i can tell that it would have been 'a halfway through a non-game move incidental sentence' black out, i think... had there been one. er. TIME BANDIT, AWAY!


Dave B said...

How can you not like blue cheese?

ruby sneakers said...

mostly because it tastes like feet and anger.