Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What should i do with all my change

suggested by cassidy, the falcon.

commerce bank, aka the best bank ever, has a free change sorter. you don't even have to have an account at the bank to utilize that feature! and while this means the number of strongly-smelling, housing-disadvantaged people who will be waiting in line with 'in common', as it were, is rather sharply increased, it also means that you can get $37 dollars that would otherwise stay in the everlasting ephemera of the huge bowl on the top of that one bookcase near where you take your clothes off.

so sally forth, young buck! quit your mouth-flapping and carefully place that collection of mostly-pennies into a straining plastic zip bag, lug it laboriously to the closest commerce bank, as recently acquire by TD Banknorth, a mere 3 subway stops south of your apartment with the broken AC and get some sweet, 'free' money! you may have to pay with a short amount of time spent standing behind that one gentleman who smells of old milk, leather shoes and that peculiar mixture of sour B.O., cigarettes, and big red gum that is normally only attainable only by assistant art teachers in high school! and then buy coffee for a few days with it! it doesn't count as part of your normally budgeted food allowance!

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