Thursday, July 3, 2008


1) i am a nerd because: ______________.

2) i am excited because: ______________.

3) i am apprehensive because: ____________.

4) i am procrastinating because: ____________.

1) i found out that the next artemis fowl book comes out 07/15 and i am REALLY excited for it. eoin colfer is great, even if he doesn't spend as much time on exposition as a length-and-detail-junky as i would want. also, garth nix's next book in the 'keys to the house' series comes out soon too. if i can find them cheap, both shall be bought and devoured shortly thereafter.

2) i get to leave work soon! and we have a pretty cool show tonight, you should come. 8 pm at the under st mark's theatre, st mark's btwn 1st and 2nd. and we are having a fun BBQ/partay at jill's awesome summer sublet tomorrow. i can't wait! yay summer!

3) i am apprensive because i am going to go try on some flip flops on for the first time since i first tried them on and threw them off in a fit of pain when i was 5 or 6. also, i am all weirded out today because i had a terrible dream where josh patten was a druggie who broke into my apartment and stole some of my stuff... but then i was watching a quentin tarantino zombie movie (in my DREAM, it was a scary movie... i don't even like scary movies, why would i make up a whole one in my dream?!) and then later i was sitting with some other improv types at a bar talking about how we were going to get josh help? what? anyway, it really freaked me out and i didn't get much rest as a result.

4) i dunno. it's a heretofore unchangeable personality trait of mine. i procrastinate about nearly everything. even about fucking retarded shit like going to the bathroom. i suck.

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