Wednesday, July 2, 2008

things i enjoy

telephone forms online that automatically tab from one section to the next and don't just stubbornly keep you in that first 3 number box for 30 seconds until you realize that you haven't actually entered anything new in that time.

new york. it's pretty awesome to live here you guys. i used to think i would hate living in a city, new york especially, but i was totally wrong. new york is awesome, even when it's not. come visit if you want!

iced caramel macchiatos from starbucks. no explanation necessary, except maybe to my bank account, amirite guys? eh?

comedy. the point of it is to examine the world, be offended/delighted/horrified by a part of it, and then tell a bunch of people about it in the most effective and creative way possible. it is AWESOME.*

wall*e! it was really good, i highly recommend seeing it. i was oddly distracted by the audience when i saw it, so i might just go again. but it was very sweet, and hits on every emotion. really dark and compelling too.

little baby puppies.

talking to people.

terry pratchett and douglas adams. and david gray. and the national. and calculators. and havarti cheese!

that's it. that's everything i like.

*carlos mencia is not comedy you guys.

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