Sunday, July 13, 2008

oh i forgot to tell you

fit flops were a massive failure. there is something wrong with my feet, i think, because i literally become FULL of pain when i tried to walk in them. the pressure of keeping them on my feet, when concentrated entirely in the area between my big toe and my second toe was 100% more than i can deal with. i think that makes me sound like a huge pussy, which i am not. i have a pretty high tolerance for pain, although i am not a pleasant person when i am in pain, i can fucking deal with it. i've had 6+ major operations, and have had a plethora of lesser medical procedures. in other words, i am a total bad ass. but my feet are retarded. oh well. i returned them. the teva sandals i got earlier in the summer have no support, but i can deal with wearing them a few times a week i guess. they are comfortable enough.

in the end, i do recommend fit flops if you are able to wear thong sandals. they are both incredibly comfortable for the bottom of your feet, but they also really work your leg muscles. i felt it in my thighs especially.

i am still up. partly because my roommate got in the shower before me, but mostly because my heart is beating all hard and fast and generally weird and i am now convinced that i have another heart arrythmia. the last time i had one was when i was last very sick, and well... it's scary to think i might not be as healthy as i feel. i am going to get a check up and start acting like an adult.

i think i need to start being more upfront about myself. i don't think i am misrepresenting who i am... but i am certainly omitting information... and assuming others will interpret my 'pauses'. and i am afraid i am being like those people who take information and interest from others like parasites without giving up my own honest self up in exchange. and i hate those people. i find it so offensive. and i think i am doing it. looks like i have to start being much braver.

in conclusion, i hate hulk hogan. and i can now not listen to the beastie boys without playing the beastie boys warm up in my head.

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Dan Theft Auto said...

You know, I have the exact same problem listening to the Beasties now. AWWWWWWYEAH.