Wednesday, July 16, 2008

pizza and boobs

i am soliciting topics to write about. this topic is from the illustrious and well spoken kimberly ferguson.

my favorite pizza is made by a place on main street in uxbridge, massachusetts called 'Harry's Famous Pizza'. they make a really great 'greek style' pizza. greek style isn't really common in new york at all, but you can find it all over the more developed parts of mass. it differs from thin crust, 'italian-style' pizza by having more cheese, and usually a combination of more aged, flavorful cheeses, as well as a slightly more savory (not sweet) tomato sauce. additionally, the crust is usually thicker and more bread-like. it's difficult to describe, but trust me when i tell you that it is AMAZING. i had it for the first time in 6 months when i went home over my birthday in June. it was so great. the overall experience was slightly dampened by the fact that we at it at harry's, sitting in an awkward booth decorated like 'greece', instead of driving home with it, smelling the hot steam and cardboard, then giving in and trying to steer, shift and stuff pizza in your face while not burning your face/mouth/hands with hot cheese oil, which is how i spent a large portion of my high school and college breaks. it's really excellent pizza. the cheese and sauce portions are always ideal, and they cook it long enough to carmelized the cheese so it's super hot and crispy on top. oh man you guys. i had to go get lunch halfway through writing this, and my cajun roast beef sandwich was nigh-on unpalatable in the face of the memory of a fresh harry's cheese pizza. oh man.

that is the one thing i miss in new york. really excellent greek style pizza.

as for the boobs portion of the entry i shall say that they seem pretty nice. like most things of a sexual nature, i don't really feel one way or the other about them. i want my own to provide a certain shape for my clothes, but that is a purely aesthetic desire. i dunno, boobs are not particularly offensive usually. although, i saw a woman today on 56th street in a strappy, boob-enhancing dress... but she had one at least 'D cup breast and one TEENY not-quite A cup breast. i was like 'um... er... uh.' and then i kept walking. it was weird. if she had breast cancer and can still show off her body, good for her. but if she's just a hippy or weirdo or hasn't noticed... um, ew, lady on the street. sorry to judge and all... but not a good look. yucktown, population you and your one huge super-boob.

hay guise, give me more topics to blog on! it's like an improv show, only i specifically have to write it beforehand.

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