Friday, August 1, 2008

also, congratulations

big ups congrats to christine nangle, who's been placed on the UCB harold team 'Whorenado!'. Christine is a great, super funny writer and a really talented improvisor. i was lucky enough to be on a team with her in my last 501, and it was a total joy. i had a fairly massive comedy crush on her before the class, and it was beyond fun to get to play with her regularly for the class. i think she'll be great on the team, and i can't wait to see her play with them. and for the record, my girl crush on her is now sealed. BOOYEAH.

actually, she might actually play with them THIS COMING SUNDAY AT THE LORELEI! what a smooth transistion to a plug. i am just THAT good. AND it's a solidly awesome line up this month, i am way excited about it:

indie darlings

solo improv, not for the faint-hearted!

and the aforementioned
a ucb house team! we've gone corporate!

as always, the lorelei is at 8 pm at the parkside lounge, on houston btwn aves B & C. the show is free, but we (it's just me, actually) ask that you buy copious amounts of the free drinks from the lovely cocktail waitresses. also, i will do some sweet stand up comedy as your host for the evening. EXCITEMENT!

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