Thursday, August 7, 2008

new beginings

so my work related stuff can be discussed now; i interviewed for a new job last week and this week, and was given an offer yesterday that i accepted! i am thrilled. it's working for a really awesome place called JWT, which is like that place that every 20 something independent woman who works in new york in the movies works at. it's modern and cool as shit, and seems full of totally awesome people. i am really psyched to join their team.

and it means i will no longer be an accountant, AT ALL. i am really thrilled at the prospect 51 weeks spent as an accountant is really far too many. and taking a pay cut because i don't have an accounting background? yeah, chock that up to one of the worst decisions i've ever made. however, i really enjoyed most of my time at my current position. i certainly learned a lot, and had a great time when i opened myself up to it. i am hoping that this new job will push me to develop my social time at my professional position; i tended to devote all my social energy to my comedy and improv circle over this past year and am planning on being more equitable in this new position. i think i will feel more balanced if i do.

so yeah, new exciting things on the katey front. in other news, i am interning tonight at my regular UCB shift, then probably going right home since i have to get up at 7 am tomorrow so i can leave by 4 pm to work ANOTHER UCB (DCM) shift... then be up for another 9 hours before my show at 8:45 am. then it's home to sleep until my 6 pm teching shift saturday-sunday. then up again until the krompf show sunday morning.

yowzers. still no computer.


Dave B said...

Congrats on the new job!

Six Sider said...

Yay! The future!