Thursday, August 14, 2008

why i am going to a new job

an email i received today:
I am still waiting to hear back from someone within your organization. This entire affair seems to be handled very amateurish. If I won a prize just send it along rather than jerking me around like you have. Do I need to stop over at the "PRIZE" headquarters and tell my story to you client?

keep in mind i emailed this guy once and waited for him to reply for 2 weeks. clearly his definition of jerking around is different from my amateurish handle.

also, a REALLY heavy platter fell out of my dish rack last night and hit my ankle really hard and now i have an impressive bruise. that's a reason to leave a job, sure.

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Andrea said...

And I, JONES-ROOY, now have added YOU, HEALY-WURZBURG, to MY list of PEOPLE WHOSE BLOGS I READ. In fact, your adding me prompted me to create the list in the first place because I'm friendly like that. Maybe I will name it after you: The Healy-Wurzburg List of Jones-Rooy's Blog Friends, One of Whom is Healy-Wurzburg.