Friday, August 8, 2008


today's blog title is an homage to one of the healy-wurzburg girl's favorite movies growing up - the disney live action adaptation of the three musketeers from the mid-nineties! it really is a kick ass family movie, and i am pretty suprised that it doesn't seem to have the staying power i expected it to have. much like star chris o'donnel's carrier. and don't think that he's the only draw for the live action disney version either; the cast features oliver platt, tim curry, kiefer sutherland, charlie sheen and that guy who played the sub-lieutenant in 'robin hood prince of theives' with the scary deep voice. and that woman who was in the the before sunrise/sunset movies! and the priest from chocolat! seriously! anyway, it's a fun movie, watch it if it's on.

erm. what was i going to post about? oh yeah, i am a liar. i did not go home last night, i stayed for most of i got next, did 3 minutes of mostly shitty improv at 12:30 am and watched the power duo of starband (starzinski and bluvband) fucking rock my face. sigh. someday i'll be good at improv. SOME DAY.

i was up early for work today. i am doing the very little that needs to be done here. pretty lame. i wish i was taking the workshop i was supposed to with matt walsh. in oddly enough news, ian roberts asked me what time he needed to be at the classrooms on friday. it was surreal to write the next day's classes on the board, and have the last names be the founders of the UCB plus the last two AD's of the theatre.

well, i am going to be up for the next 20 hours or so, so i am going to go get some work done, hydrate and eat some peanut butter toast. BREAK!

p.s. if you are so inclined, come see bad data perform tomorrow at 8:45 am at the URBAN STAGES theatre of the del close marathon! should be ridiculous!

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