Friday, August 1, 2008

the color blue

my favorite color has always been blue; a variety of shades therein. i think i like blue because i do like all tones of blue. and i almost always prefer blue-based colors to more orange or red-based colors (i.e. i prefer cherry red to fire engine red). i had a blog entry on my old livejournal in college that labeled all my friends with their aura color. no, i hadn't become a gen-you-ine hippie over the summer between sophomore and junior year (the same summer i got my first ipod, 'bob or beowulf'; 1000 points if you know where that name is from); i was using 'aura' to mean whatever color your mind thinks of when thinking of a certain person. i believe it was entitled 'the synasthesia entry' or something like that, and it was really fun, actually. at the end of it, i asked my friends to say what they thought my aura was.

the answer was unilaterally red.


i suppose my childhood spent arguing for the rights to play the blue side on stratego was all a waste. and i think i will always think of myself as more of a 'blue' person; even though loud, energetic and tiny female firecrackers are rarely 'blues'. over the past year or so, i have fallen in love with a certain jewel tone of dark red. and unlike wearing ill-fitting blue shirts from the gap (high school!) all the time, it doesn't emphasize my see-through skin and blue veins quite as much. i do compromise by making sure it's a blue-toned red.

in other news, for the second day in a row, my iced caramel macchiato has started curdling after i am half way through drinking it. i think my favorite starbucks' caramel sauce is old. or their entire shipment of whole milk is old. either way, it's off-putting. but i just took another sip because it's still delicious as long as i don't look at it.

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