Saturday, August 2, 2008

assorted miscellany

item the first: when buddy holly was my age, he was already dead.

item the second: 6th avenu heartache by the wallflowers is still a rocking tune. i wish their two biggest singles didn't differ markedly in tone and, to some degree, style from the rest of their catalog.

item the third: some assorted miscellany of quotes:

'the city air is poison, but it tastes so sweet'
-david g.

'i'm so glad our paths crossed this time today / on our way into the night'
-david m.

'and if every window pane should shatter / if every wall should fall apart / well it might hurt a bit, but would it matter - with this diamond in my heart?
-david g.

'"wouldn't work with dragons," said lady ramkin. "some daft creature rolls on its back, you disembowel it. that's how they look at it. almost human, really."'
-terry p.

item the fourth: pepsodent should not be allowed to label itself 'toothpaste'. instead it should be given the new label of 'wtf is this white shit supposed to be? why is it leaving a film on my teeth? how is my mouth cleaner now'.'

item the fifth: go shopping tomorrow. you need plates and some assorted sundries from other home furnishing suppliers.

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Adam Hobson said...

I gotta agree with you regarding the Wallflowers. "One Headlight" is one of the best songs from the '90s, yet other than "6th Avenue Heartbreak" I basically have no interest in listening to anything else from them.