Wednesday, August 20, 2008

weird day

i had a really fun class show last night. unfortunately, it was very argumentative overall. i REALLY need to remember to let whatever my scene partner does inform and CONTINUALLY make me play my game. but overall it was fun and i enjoyed it. i think the class will gel a lot more after this.

i had a weird night out at the bar. it was pretty fun, but i was being kind of combative for no reason. i think i just wanted to analyze the show endlessly with the people i did it with, and instead i was endlessly analyzing someone else's show with them. i am a jerk. then a bit went way weird and i didn't really react or stand up for myself. need to work on that.

i had another 'MTA adventure' getting home, which sucked. i took the 2 because the 6 has been weird late nights for the past couple weeks, thinking i was smart and a proactive problem solver! yeah, no. the 2/3 were stopping service after 96th street, so i had to take a fucking shuttle bus 5 avenues and 20 blocks and i was all stressed out and tired. i showered and went right to sleep when i got in; didn't check my email or go online. so i missed that leroi moore, saxophonist and general wind instrumentalist for the dave matthews band unexpectedly passed away last night in california.

most of my new york friends don't really know about my history with this band, for a variety of reasons. i no longer have a car, so i don't drive to see destination shows like SPAC anymore, and i am now working for my money, and spending my money on improv classes instead of 8-12 dmb concerts and travel, per year. and partly because my obsession with the band has waned somewhat. the most recent studio material from dmb felt half-assed and underwhelming; and you are always hurt most by the ones you love, right? the live performances remained vital, but without new MATERIAL to be excited by, my obsessive attention turned to david gray and the national; who between them encompass the things about dmb that brought me into that crazy fold to begin with; lyrics i deeply identified with, and fascinating musicality coming from a group of vastly different and interesting performers. my obsessive listening shifted, but never abandoned, dmb. and because there is a weird label attached to being a dmb fan that i hate and am embarrassed by. i dunno, all this personal shit doesn't really matter, i just feel compelled to contextualize why i've been so bummed today.

i never got the opportunity to meet roi, unlike many of my friends (who raved that he was incredibly nice and genuine, and boasted about how he invited them on his bus to admire his saxes, if they were fellow players), but i always identified with him, onstage and off. in a band full of funny guys always trying to make the others laugh, HE was the funny one. he was a soulful, accomplished, inventive and skilled musician. his music meant, and still means, a lot to me. i feel awful that his family and friends and fans only had 46 years with him. Rest In Peace, LeRoi Moore (on-the-sax-a-phone).

it's a weird day. i am closing out here at this job, and it's been really busy, but i am having a hard time focusing because i'm sad. i am listening to live at red rocks now. i'll probably troll youtube for old school videos later on. i don't feel like talking about improv or doing any bits over chat sites. just sad.

a good article, if you are interested


Dave B said...

That bit did go weird. I'm sorry.


FrequencyDown said...

Keep listening to what you want gurrrrl. I get shit for some of the bands I still listen to. But there's a reason we love what we love and tha bastards can't take that away.

Sorry to hear about the weird situation. I tend to be a part of a lot of those, so I know how that feels. Eeeeyikes!

Anonymous said...

A bunch of the Robots confessed to being closet DMB fans last night (myself included) and we were all sincerely bummed about Leroi.

katie said...

I feel you on being bummed about Roi. And things being weird. And just life in general being a ball of stress.