Sunday, August 17, 2008

stories i hate

i am reading a collection of short stories right now, and in it, neil gaiman uses the phrase 'story-shaped' to describe the kinds of personal event stories he likes. in other words, he likes when there is a satisfying narrative arc and unexpected but righteous conclusion. terry pratchett uses the phrase 'narrative causality' to indicate those stories that happen over and over again in a culture. mysterious hitchhikers turning out to be long dead children, the third daughter being the most beautiful, the youngest son prevailing in any quest. et cetera, et cetera, blah blah blah.

there are some of those stories that i hate. the ones i hate the most are those where everyone in them has terrible problems, and their reaction is to do things that are morally reprehensible, or incestual, or counter to the strict mores of their victorian time. therefore, i hate edith wharton, ethan frome, and most tragedies. i just find those stories... tiresome and silly. and boring and upsetting. i dunno. i am pretty immature in a lot of ways, so i guess that is another symptom of that lack of maturity. so it's back to my modern , humorous penny dreadfuls, assholes! mostly i just really didn't want to watch 'before the devil knows you're dead' tonight. perhaps it was just my mood tonight, but i found the whole movie to be fucking unbearable. i should have gone to see tropic thunder, or pineapple express tonight. that would have been a good idea. OR the dark knight again. DAMN IT. that would have been an awesome idea. way to have the best idea 2 minutes before your weekend officially ends, asshole.

at the del close marathon, andy rocco made a coin purse out of his nutsack. just looking for more hits on the ole blogosphere!

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FrequencyDown said...

No wonder when I typed in "Andy Rocco's nutsack" it brought me here.

Is a coinpurse the same as a bullfroggy?