Tuesday, August 5, 2008


i ran a scheduled update on my ibook saturday morning, because i had been putting it off and i am trying to be more proactive.

now my computer won't turn on. tekserve says it's the update. i say "&*~!^@*&^$@# i need the internet NOOOOOOW!!!!'. i am trying to figure out a way to fix it that doesn't involve $195 dollars leaving my pocket.

it is DCM week. this weekend is DCM weekend. i'm not really excited, i am just anxious about it. i had a fucking blast last year and all i can do is worry about the weekend. wtf. i hope i chill out by thursday. i need to do a load of laundry, maybe tonight. i know, i know, you're saying 'but katey... it's TUESDAY! HAROLD NIGHT! LOL WUT!?' it's weekend team harold night, which i am somehow not as stressed to see all of. i might go home, do a load of laundry and then head, leisurely, on down to chelsea. oh, what luxury! i'd rather not miss new team harold though... we'll see.

also, bugs seem to be haunting my every turn lately. there was a huge cockroach in the dressing room at USM on friday, then sunday there was one in the main bar at the parkside, and today there were two centipede's at my cubicle neighbor's desk. FUCK. THAT.

i'm way busy at work. i won't be able to take the walsh workshop i signed up for because my boss has to take her dog in for surgery on friday, so i can't take the day off.

there is also some other work-related news that i could be revealing soon which is ALSO stressing me out, even though it's going to be a good thing... should it happen.


brendan said...

hey katie. i miss seeing you around.

ruby sneakers said...

ditto, anonymous brendan. :hug: