Thursday, October 16, 2008


i have had glasses for about 6 months now. i am still getting used to them in some ways. it took 3 different pairs from to find a pair whose style i love. i saw some interview with adam duritz, where he talked really frankly about his extensions (his dreads are and always have been extensions) and how the first time he got them, he looked in the mirror and thought 'yeah, that's me'. i sort of feel that way about my glasses. even so, i don't know what i would wear them all the time if they didn't help me see better.

going down stairs still makes me kind of dizzy, as i realize i usually just glance at them as i skip down; but if i try to with my glasses on, i see the stairs half sorta fuzzy and half perfectly. and i have retained this habit of pushing my glasses up into my hair when i walk into a store or starbucks, like i used to with my sunglasses. it's weird.

i don't remember if i ever posted it here, but i have a tumblr now too. sometimes i post there more often. www. check it out if you want.

and now, for my favorite new internet meme:

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