Monday, October 6, 2008

corporate rudeness

so i wrote a whole big thing a few weeks ago about an incident i had at starbucks, where i nearly stormed out in rage. last week, the new starbucks i've been going to daily as a part of my 'new job' routine did an awesome thing; they gave me my drink, and then offered me, proactively, a 'messed up drink' coupon because they'd run out of caramel sauce and couldn't make the drink QUITE as perfectly as they normally do. it was very cool of them, and one of the many reasons i've made that one my daily starbucks place, even though it's tiny and pretty cramped. way to go, starbucks by the grand central market! you rock!

FORTUNATELY, levi's jeans and co. seems to have snagged the 'annoying corporate entity driving katey to fits of rage' title.

i need new jeans. i bought a new pair a few months ago, but they ended up not really working. they are pretty loose, and get much looser after i wear them for a day. too loose. also, they are really roomy in the thigh. i have weirdly small thighs right above my knees. i know that sounds strange, but my calves are somewhat bigger than my knees, and about the same diameter as my thigh until about halfway up my thigh. weird or not, (and it is, jeremy) most women's jeans are made much roomier in that area. so i went to like 4 stores on saturday, trying to find a pair. finally, finding myself at levi's in soho, i half blindly grab a few to try on. i did try on a pair of skinny jeans that didn't look TERRIBLE, but i was too bothered by the denim grabbing at my calves and ankles. finally i found a pair that i liked. don't LOVE them, but they were okay. i was still pretty on the fence about getting them, but i figured i would make a more reasoned determination away from the terrible pall cast by the awful dressing room lights.

i waited in line behind two people, still not loving the jeans, when finally the clerk calls 'next in line, please'. i step forward (after having made eye contact with him several times) and then suddenly he snaps 'MA'AM THE LINE IS IN THE MIDDLE'. he totally fucking yelled at me. i was scolded like a dog or an ignorant child in the middle of a fucking retail establishment. i made a couple indignant noises in the back of my throat, turned around, tossed the jeans on the nearest table and marched out of there. i even caught the asshole's eye as i was walking out, and he totally knew he'd just lost a sale. those fuckers get some kind of commission too. i was so mad as i was leaving, just wanted to commiserate with and or punch someone. and soho's a bad neighborhood to be in when you want to punch someone, because it's full of rich self-indulgent douchebags and their kids, clogging up the beautiful streets with their braying.

i dunno... i've worked at several retail places in my day, and i would never would have DREAMED of snapping at a customer like that, even if they deserved it, which i hadn't, because i hadn't even said anything. and i'd waited behind other people in my 'line', even though it was apparently a fucking crime to consider it a line. AND i'd gotten there well before the person in the middle had. what a douche.

in conclusion, i still need jeans. there's this website my friend sent me where you can order $50 custom jeans. i need to buy a clothing measuring tape but i think i will probably do that.

damn you, american eagle for quitting making jeans that actually fit me.


Michelle said...

i sympathize. i am having a jeans crisis right now. none of my jeans fit properly. they are too short and too baggy, or too tight and too low. i need help.

ruby sneakers said...

that's the website my friend sent me. i haven't tried it yet, maybe we can try it together!